With a strong commitment to informing and nurturing excellent teachers, curriculum developers and programme leaders at the higher education level in Hong Kong, the CPCE Centre for Pedagogic Research (CPCECPR), established in March 2021, aspires to enhance the scholarship of teaching and learning and pedagogic research in the higher education sector:

  1. To enhance the institution’s experience, ability, and status in performing research work related to teaching excellence, learning, assessment, curriculum design, and educational leadership.
  2. To acquire funding to support research activities, especially in improving the education quality, pedagogical models and methodologies within and across the disciplines, and in promoting equity in education.
  3. To provide professional services, including workshops, webinars, seminars, and training programmes, to the education and community sectors, with a view to initiating and sustaining dialogue about teaching excellence.
  4. To contribute new knowledge and insights to the academic and education sectors by sharing research findings via conferences, journals, and books.
  5. To underpin teaching with knowledge created from the Centre’s research and development works and activities.

About the Conference

PolyU CPCE strives to offer quality tertiary education to students and facilitate staff members’ active engagement in scholarly activities which underpins teaching and learning excellence. Established in March 2021 as part of PolyU CPCE, CPCECPR promotes the scholarship of teaching and learning and pedagogic research in the field of higher education. This inaugural conference offers researchers and educators an exciting opportunity to engage in insightful discussions on ways to overcome pedagogical challenges and evolve the pedagogical use of technology in the post-pandemic era. Entitled “Embracing the New Normal of Education: Blending Technology into Pedagogical Design” (迎向教育新常態:將科技融入教學設計) , the Conference encompasses the following three themes: (1) Online/Blended Learning; (2) EduTech; and (3) Innovative Pedagogy.

Date: 13 January 2022 (Thursday)
Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm (HKT)
Venue: Online via Zoom

Conference Organiser

CPCE Centre for Pedagogic Research (CPCECPR) at PolyU CPCE